In Odin we offer the opportunity to train with a coach to work on your technique and so that you can ask questions on programming, competition and diet for example. During our members nights you can ask them to take a look at your technique during your own training and you can ask them advice. We also offer more specific training for competitive members. When you join the competition team, you get one extra training session per month with one of our coaches to further prepare you for competition, and coaching on the day of a competition itself. All of this is free of charge, and will cost nothing more than an Odin membership.

Pjotr van den Hoek
Pjotr is our head coach, and he trains the first and second competition team. He’s a well-known face in the Dutch powerlifting scene, as well as internationally. Next to being an accomplished powerlifter with both national and international titles and records, he’s also active as an international referee, a board member of the IPF, and as the Dutch national coach for the (sub)junior teams.

Arjen Francke
Arjen is our second coach, and he trains the third team. He joined Odin as a competitive member during his student years in Eindhoven, and after his board year for Odin and his graduation he decided to stick around. He’s been competing in the national powerlifting championships for over three years now, as well as some lower-level Olympic weightlifting and strongman.